half-elf ranger, veteran vampire hunter


Stumbling along the line between grumpy and surly, Bowman has spent a lifetime getting himself into bad situations. He is typically reserved and refrains from comment unless addressed but often acts recklessly and offers sometimes callous remarks.

Though he is often intimidating, he clearly has more compassionate side, evident in his fatherly relationship with Elliott and anger towards prejudices. While he may never show it, Bowman is fiercely protective and loyal to those he cares about, especially his best friendVan Jacques and Sharkey to whom he is… “attached”


With careers as a soldier, detective, vigilante, bounty hunter and vampire hunter under his belt, Bowman makes for a worthy, albeit difficult, ally. He became a celebrated figure in the city of Chrysanthum for his exploits as the Hero of the Shades, wherein he exposed a mass political corruption within the Senate. His most recent occupation, as Guildleader of the bounty hunting guild, Blacklight Bounties, has allowed him to build upon his previous notoriety, much to his own discomfort.


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