Elliott Maxfield

vampire, cutie-pie


Elliott is a kind-hearted and optimistic young man. His tendency to trust quickly has landed him in trouble in the past but he’s very convinced that treating others with kindness will get kindness in return. This has meant that he’s usually seen as naive and a bit of a doormat, which, while not entirely untrue, doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of holding his own. He is a vampire, after all. A fact which he seems deeply uncomfortable with.


Once an incredibly gifted mage, Elliott’s most successful career path as a monster hunter was cut tragically short by a ravenous vampire set on dragging him into the psychotic, animalistic coven that once resided in Dusktide.

Now being mentored by his surrogate sire,Sharkey, Elliott passes his eternity by painting and aiding his boyfriend Kenzer in his biology research.

Elliott Maxfield

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