vampire, queen bitch


Aloof and somewhat mysterious, Sharkey moves with an air of unflappable intimidation that makes her both alluring and terrifying. She is a vampire, hailing from Erstade and her knowledge of her kind is invaluable. Few carry themselves with more grace and though her regal appearance is very deliberate, no one has seemed to want to challenge it.

A more playful side of her shows through in her fondness for games, poker in particular, as well as a fondness for her surrogate sireling, Elliott. There seems to be something of an ill-air between her and VanJacques as the pair barely seem to tolerate each other. She has no love lost for Kenzer either, who, despite being Elliott’s boyfriend is treated as little more than annoyance by her. Aside from her sireling, she seems to only really care for Bowman, to whom she simply claims to be “attached”


Sharkey is currently the part-time proprietor of “Sharkey’s Den” in Chrysanthum and full-time undisputed leader of the vampires living there, none of whom are prepared to defy her rules. Her Queenly reputation and what she has labelled as a “misjudgment of character” has drawn the ire of Queen Cassandra, a vampire back in Erstade with whom Sharkey is going to attempt to make amends….. she hopes.


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